wk7 – Activity – Ephemeral Art


Don’t worry every one, it’s not a real gorilla, it’s just the first drawing I made for this activity. My friend Anthony and I were getting our tan on at the pool by the rec center and I decided to do my first drawing for our activity. I looked around me and I saw all these palm trees, and figured I had to draw something in them because he had already taken my idea of drawing someone sunbathing next to us. At first I tried to draw a monkey but that did not go well at all. A Gorilla was easier to draw for me, and that is how my first picture came about.

My next picture is a little more simple. I was bored, doing homework and I wanted to show some frustration off and with the help of snapchat’s new update I was able to do that. I used some exploding purple dust because I just wanted to explode at that point and play the new Star Wars Battelfront Beta that was released on Playstation for 4 days.


The next picture is the one I spoke of earlier that my classmate Anthony Simeone drew up when we were tanning at the pool. He made a pretty good drawing of someone sunbathing next to us. Great job Anthony! Even though he stole my idea with this one, here it is.


Last but not least we have a picture that was cleverly drawn by our classmate Aiyat Abdelhady. She drew a very fun picture from inside one of the art galleries her on campus of someone swinging on a swing smiling. This was a brilliant idea and I just have to say, great job, Aiyat!


This week’s activity was very fun because we were able to draw a bunch of silly doodles and we were also able to see a lot of our classmates lives outside of class through snapchat. I definitely loved this activity, even better than the Instagram one and I would definitely do it again. Thank you all for catching up with me this week and God bless!