wk8 – Activity – Writing About Art

In this week’s activity I chose to write about classmate’s Meghan Arce’s previous blog post on her artist conversation with Norax Ayala. Pasted below is her blog post and below that I will be making 9 total corrections. 3 of those are technical problems that I will correct, and 3 more will be conceptual things wrong and the other 3 will be conceptual things that are good. The objective of this activity is to give our classmate’s some feedback because our professor, Glenn doesn’t have enough time on Mondays to go through each one thoroughly.

This week I spoke to Norax Ayala who’s work was displayed in the Merlino Gallery. She is currently finishing up her last year in the masters program for print making. She decided that she wanted to major in art right after high school. She had always had an interest in art, which her mother had some influence in. She is from Southern California and came to Long Beach for grad school. She has just recently moved to Anaheim as well. Norax likes her art to be abstract and figurative. To make her art pieces, she used screen printing. She feels that it is quick and efficient. The screen printing is pixilated. This symbolized long distance relationships relying on phone communication. She worked on the pieces for two weeks for about 18 hours a day. For these pieces, Norax used repetition in color landscapes. To make the imprints, she used paper and ink. She used silver in her work because of its metallic look. It gives the viewers a different view at different angles. In a sense, there is something always coming and going. Norax’s partner had helped her in creating the center piece of her gallery. Her partner is the person she cares about most. For this piece, she used lipstick because it was nontoxic. Lipstick goes on the lips in which they go on other body parts. They put lipstick on the “lips” of their vaginas to make this print. This represents the intimacy of their relationship. Norax does a lot of feminist work and is into gender politics. She is also an advocate for the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community. Unfortunately, Norax does not have a website at the moment. However, she does have an Instagram. Her user name is norax_darko.

  1. In the first sentence, “This week I spoke to Norax Ayala who’s work was displayed in the Merlino Gallery.” after ‘Ayala’ there should be a comma.
  2. Along with the first sentence still when she writes “I spoke to” it feels awkward to me. I feel like saying “I had the opportunity to speak to” would sound better and give the artist more respect. So the sentence should look like “This week, I had the opportunity to speak  to Norax Ayala, who’s work was….”
  3. Underlined in red, centerpiece is actually one word and not two.
  4. There was quite a bit of adjectives like: a lot, because, make, most, go, look, well, some, does, going, is, was, about. These can hurt your post because they are only emphasizing what you are already saying and do not need to be there, causing confusing sentences and poor word choice.
  5. “She worked on the pieces for two weeks for about 18 hours a day” In this sentence for is used twice making it confusing to read, instead try another word in place of for.
  6. “Lipstick goes on the lips in which they go on other body parts.” Lipstick does not go on other body parts unless you put it there, but what I think she meant was that, lipstick goes on your lips and your lips go on other body parts.
  7. Her use of sophisticated words worked well in this paper and was above average. These words include: abstract, figurative, politics, and advocate.
  8. I like how she explained why she used lipstick because it was nontoxic.
  9. She also went into depth and detail on the intimacy of the relationship between her and her partner.

“In summary, Meghan wrote a really good blog and made the artist look good which she is supposed to do, because if the artist were to stop by her page one day, she would want to see what was written about her.

Next, I will be thoroughly grading my artist conversation from last week.

Hello everyone, this week I would like to include you all in an interesting conversation with an artist I just met by the name of Norax Ayala. Norax does feminist work her at California State University, Long Beach and she is also a graduate student. She grew up in the Inland Empire and went to undergraduate school there before coming to Long beach. She has always been interested in art and decided that she wanted to major in art coming out of high school. She started doing a lot of coloring when she was younger and then transitioned to water color painting. Norax now does small work like the one I saw today in the Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery which is inspired by feminism. Her piece “She and I” represents everything she stand for as she is very inspired by gender politics and what she cares about most, her partner. Her inspiration for her work comes from well-known artist Fransisco De Goya who does etchings.

The objective of “She and I” is to “Represent relationships, of any kind”. She says that relationships are essential to humans because we need to have emotional experiences “emotionally, physically, mentally, and sometimes even spiritually” Her body of work is to investigate aesthetics of sensuality and intimacy. Her paintings show two becoming one through the use of transparent layers. She also likes the use of lipstick, since lipstick goes on lips and lips go on other body parts, she felt it was appropriate to use lipstick as a material. Lipstick was also a good material for her to use because it is nontoxic.

Her pieces all took about 2 weeks to make which includes 18 small pieces. The red and pink ink and the lipstick create patterns on the paper that range from curved lines to full circles and blank spaces. Her focus when creating her peace was on her partner and using their experience. Norax says that the rubbing motion to transfer the ink is like the motion of what people do with their partners or with themselves.

Least to say, I was not very comfortable in my conversation with Norax because our point of views are millions of miles apart. I grew up with a very different background from her but I was easily able to identify what her piece was saying. It was interesting watching the piece slowly mix together like two partners do and watch the piece become one. Her piece easily got her point across of what she was trying to accomplish. if you all would like to see more of her work you can follow her on instagram- @norax_darko. In the pictures below you can see her two paintings become one.”

  1. The first spelling mistake I see is I spelled watercolor as two words and it is one.
  2. In the last paragraph the sentence “I grew up with a very different background from her but I was easily” there should be a comma after but.
  3. “Her body of work is to investigate aesthetics” there should be a ‘the’ before aesthetics.
  4. “Norax now does small work like the one I saw today in the Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery which is inspired by feminism.” I should have used ‘make’ instead of ‘does’ because she makes the work, she doesn’t do it.
  5. “represents everything she stand for a” instead of stand use stands.
  6. “The red and pink ink and the lipstick” the sentence needs to be fixed because it doesn’t make sense.
  7. The use of vocabulary was nice, including the words: graduate, politics, objective, aesthetics, transparent, and appropriate.
  8. Some of the transitional phrases were average but they weren’t confusing or misleading.
  9. Understanding her point of view for the professionalism of the paper.

In Summary, the paper hit all the points and represented the artist well and what she was trying to accomplish.

Here is a snapchat of a part of my dinner from tonight! A delicious bowl of mac & cheese.