wk6- Activity – Periscope

This week’s activity was probably the easiest and best one yet. Our objective was to do a broadcast on periscope. If you don’t know what periscope is, it’s an app where you do a live web broadcast and anyone in the world can interact with you and watch. I decided to do my broadcast at the gym because that is a big part of my life, and I thought people might find it interesting.

Doing shrugs

I invited people to get a peek on what I do when I workout. On this particular day, my roommate and I were working out our back, traps, bi’s, and obliques. We started the broadcast off showing our viewers, on how to do rocky pull-ups, which you can view in the link. We then continued on all of our other workouts and I also would interact with my viewers during breaks. At one point my roommate even said “Dude you’re having way too much fun with this”. A lot of the comments came from a girl who was being very inappropriate with sexual comments that i cannot repeat. There was also a comment from a guy saying “Just another douche-bag at the gym showing off”. It kind of offended me, but just for a second because there was one viewer who was giving us a lot of compliments on how hard we were working and asking us for tips on back workouts because he just hurt his back lifting heavy weight. At one point he even asked if I was a trainer and told us that we really knew our stuff. It felt good helping other people and I hope to do another broadcast sometime soon. Thank you all for coming! Have a blessed day.

Anthony doing back fliesMe on my break from shrugs

wk4 – Activity – Painting

This week’s activity was Painting. The objective of this activity was to use spray paint to write our name in bubble letters anywhere we wanted to, legally. I have never tagged or made an effort to do so because I just suck at art. I have no artistic ability whatsoever. I do find it interesting though. I see a lot of beautiful graffiti and it brings life to cities and their walls. Now on that comment, there is more ugly and disturbing graffiti that outweigh the good. It disgusts me when I see a beautiful bridge or wall that took construction workers days to build and engineers weeks to plan tagged with a gang symbol or just a name. It costs cities millions a year and I believe it turns people away from visiting cities like Los Angeles because it looks too ghetto. That is why i think they should make more legal art walls like the one in Venice so people can express themselves better. I wanted to go to Venice this week to earn the extra credit but that was before I knew it only open on the weekends. I had planned to go on Wednesday since unfortunately, I will be working throughout the day this weekend. Below you can see my attempt at spraying my name in bubble letters. The colors are not very good since they are blue and black they do not contrast very well. That is because I bought the paint before knowing we would be spraying in bubble letters. The nozzle also had a very wide spray resulting in my tag to look even more messy. It was my first try but I think it turned out to be okay, and I hope you think so as well. Thank you all for reading. Have a blessed day.

Me with my tag in the kitchen