wk11- Geocache EC

In this week’s Extra Credit opportunity, my roommate, Anthony Simeone and I decided to collect all 50 points of extra credit and find 5 of our classmates geocache’s. The first geocache we found was late at night early in the week. It was hidden by fellow classmate Tony Nguyen in his cache “wintergreen-altoids”.

altoid20151029_21122320151029_211214IMG_5192 - Copy (2)IMG_5193 - Copy (2)IMG_5195 - Copy

Our next find came a few days later when we set out on a geocaching adventure on campus! Our first find of the day goes to Jackie Bautista and her cache “Fire Hydrant”. The cache was easy to find because everything gave it away but it was still fun!

fire hydrant20151104_12444220151104_124428 - Copy20151104_12441120151104_124405

Our second find of the day, and third total goes to classmate Emily Snyder for this great cache! This one was more challenging and very clever! Thanks Emily for “Nebraska”

nebraska  20151104_125443 20151104_125453 20151104_125516

My fourth total find comes from my classmate and roommate Anthony Simeone who named his cache “Pipeline” which gave it away. It was somewhere in the neighborhood and once I saw the pipe I knew it had to be in there! Thanks Anthony!


My fifth and final find came late at night on the same day when we saw our classmate, Adrian Caluya hid a cache close to our house. We strapped on our roller blades and the rest was history! Thanks for the “Miniature House” find Adrian.

miniature houseIMG_5238 - CopyIMG_5240 - CopyIMG_5241 - CopyIMG_5243 - Copy

wk10 – Activity – Geocaching

IMG_5160 - Copy

My Geocache- https://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC65ZGC&title=brick-garden&guid=58dc9944-f4fb-4262-b137-11629ed3372b

This week’s activity, just like every other activity involved us getting off of our feet and using our heads a little bit. It also included having to go out and do some treasure hunting. This treasure hunting is actually from an app called Geocaching. I have gone Geocaching prior to this activity, but I have never gone out and hid my own ‘cache’. I decided to start this activity on Wednesday when my roommate and I got off the bus on our way home from school. We had done some research on where some local caches were close to our home so we went out to find one called “Where the Sidewalk Ends”. It was pretty obvious where the cache was once we were in a close proximity of it because I noticed the concrete raising up from the ground on the sidewalk, and I could see a big gap between the dirt and concrete and thought, that’s where it must be. Turns out that I was right because I went straight for the sidewalk, reached my hand under and grabbed the cache. Inside of the cache was a log book, where we could log our names. Also there was a little toy car, a button, and a quarter. My roommate and I took the little toy car and traded it out with a dime and I also signed my name in the log book.IMG_5164 - CopyIMG_5163 - Copy

A few hours after we found the geocache, we set out to hide my own cache. We happened to find what I think was the perfect spot for a cache. It was on the corner of the street where we saw the spot. There was a raised garden around a house and a crack on the brick wall. It just so happened that behind the brick wall there was a broken brick. I was able to insert my altoids can inside of the hole and put the brick back in place. Inside of my altoids can I inserted a log book and also an iced tea bag for others to enjoy. A few hours later my cache was published and in the same day, 2 people already found it and wrote reviews! My first review was from geocache user Staace-n-Raina and she said “Yay! Cute area for a cache! CO-FTF with bvkbugger! We were looking at the posted coordinates which are not really at Cache location ( maybe check it out -the description is what gave it away) and we heard someone racing toward us on roller blades and dogs barking at him. And when he stopped cold at the corner, breathing hard from the race against time–we knew we had a fellow cacher in our midst…. 🙂 so nice to finally meet him and thank him in person for helping fix one of our caches. Great fun after a long hard day…. TFTC!” My second review was from user, bvkbugger and he wrote: “CO-FTF with StaaceNRaina!! Not only did I finally get to one quick, I was able to put some faces to other members of the community. Now to race to another FTF to meets the Druids, Foon, Ravrobin, Bajatym………etc!:) TFTC!!” I was really surprised to see that two people went out to find it so quickly. Overall it was a really great experience and I will keep my eye out in the future to see anyone who is looking over in that direction for something.IMG_5167 - CopyIMG_5168 - Copy