wk13 – Classmate Conversation – Andrea Casamitjana


This week I had the pleasure of meeting my fellow classmate, Andrea Casamitjana who is in her 2nd year here at CSULB studying Film. She is from Madrid, Spain but living here in Long Beach with her family which includes her younger sister. She loves living in Spain and would much rather be there than here. In fact she just got offered am internship in Madrid and will be studying abroad next year back home where she can reunite with friends and family. Even though she lived in Madrid her favorite soccer team is Barcelona. While coming here full time, she also works at Magic Lamp as a hostess and in her free time away from work she likes to dance but hasn’t been able to in the last month because she pulled her hamstring which can be very painful. She also likes to travel, ski, travel, and play volleyball but claims she sucks at volleyball. When she graduates she would like to become an actress but she knows that will be a tough road. She plans on first becoming a producer and producing her own movie and from there being able to become an actress due to the connections she makes. It was very nice meeting Andrea and I wish her best of luck in her future plans to become an actress.