wk11- Geocache EC

In this week’s Extra Credit opportunity, my roommate, Anthony Simeone and I decided to collect all 50 points of extra credit and find 5 of our classmates geocache’s. The first geocache we found was late at night early in the week. It was hidden by fellow classmate Tony Nguyen in his cache “wintergreen-altoids”.

altoid20151029_21122320151029_211214IMG_5192 - Copy (2)IMG_5193 - Copy (2)IMG_5195 - Copy

Our next find came a few days later when we set out on a geocaching adventure on campus! Our first find of the day goes to Jackie Bautista and her cache “Fire Hydrant”. The cache was easy to find because everything gave it away but it was still fun!

fire hydrant20151104_12444220151104_124428 - Copy20151104_12441120151104_124405

Our second find of the day, and third total goes to classmate Emily Snyder for this great cache! This one was more challenging and very clever! Thanks Emily for “Nebraska”

nebraska  20151104_125443 20151104_125453 20151104_125516

My fourth total find comes from my classmate and roommate Anthony Simeone who named his cache “Pipeline” which gave it away. It was somewhere in the neighborhood and once I saw the pipe I knew it had to be in there! Thanks Anthony!


My fifth and final find came late at night on the same day when we saw our classmate, Adrian Caluya hid a cache close to our house. We strapped on our roller blades and the rest was history! Thanks for the “Miniature House” find Adrian.

miniature houseIMG_5238 - CopyIMG_5240 - CopyIMG_5241 - CopyIMG_5243 - Copy


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