wk11 – Activity – Fiber Art

20151105_204452 - Copy - Copy

In this week’s activity I had to get a little more involved and show off my American pride. In this week’s activity, we were to make Fiber Art to hang on a wall. You can use anything that has fiber in it which I chose to use some old T-shirts. I actually didn’t have any old T-shirts of my own because I couldn’t bring everything I have to Long Beach from my parent’s because there would be no room for it all. I ended up using my roommate’s old T-shirts because he is in this class as well. My objective was to make a Christmas stocking that looks like the American flag. I decided to make it look like an American flag because I love my country and I want to have something that shows my love for it.

20151105_185613 - Copy - Copy 20151105_185217 - Copy (2) 20151105_185209

I started off by cutting some shirts which were red, white, and blue. Next I had to figure out which end of the stocking I wanted the stars on. I chose to put the stars on the bottom part and have the stripes coming up towards the end of the stocking. It was kind of hard to figure out how I would do this but I just thought of using gorilla glue to bond the strips all together. In trying to bond all the strips together piece by piece I came across my first challenge. They weren’t bonding to each other and it was falling apart. At one point I felt like giving up on it. My next challenge was I then tried using q-tips dipped in glue to bond them together, but that was almost worse than before. After this I just decided to give up on the gorilla glue and I pulled out the old stapler. I stapled all of the strips together multiple times which seemed to work very well. I then connected one end to the other and I finally had something going. I finished it off by stapling the heel to the top piece. In the end, it took forever and it only turned out okay. It wasn’t great but I was able to hang it on the wall. It was a fun activity, I just wish I could be better at stuff like this.

20151105_204452 - Copy - Copy 20151105_203951 - Copy (2)

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