wk9 – Classmate Conversation – Miguel Lopez


In this week’s classmate conversation, I was able to meet fellow classmate, Miguel Lopez. Miguel is 20 years old, and is from Carson, California. Carson is about 20 minutes from Long Beach, which allows him to still live at home. His parents are both from Mexico, and live in Carson as well. He is currently in his 2nd year and is studying Mechanical Engineering. Him and I both have that in common. Before declaring his intentions as a mechanical engineer, he thought about being an electrical or a civil engineer. In his free time away from his busy schedule, Miguel likes to play soccer, go to the gym, and hang out with his friends. When he isn’t doing any extracurricular’s or studying, he is delivering pizzas for Pizza Hut. In 5 years, after all of his hard work, he would like to be done with school and working some where as a mechanical engineer somewhere, but he isn’t quite sure where yet.Some interesting facts about Miguel are his favorite animal is a dog, specifically his own dog which is a German Shepherd and Husky mix. His favorite type of art that he has seen in the galleries is the paintings because he can find more meaning in them than anything else. It was really nice to meet you Miguel and hopefully we will keep in touch!

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