wk9 – Activity – Transmedia Storytelling

Oh my, was this week’s activity great! In this week’s activity, the objective was to make a fictional character and give them their own goals and background and somehow correlate their story with a partner’s character. We were also supposed to make two social media accounts for the character in which I used Instagram and Twitter. My character’s name was Dustin Strongold who is best friends with Ranthony Nogymeone. My partner, Anthony and I put our minds together for this story and I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

Dustin stronghold 24 years old lives in Long Beach, Ca.

“Dustin grew up on a farm in Mobile Alabama with his Ma and Pa along with an older brother and sister. Prior to moving away to California, Dustin had many duties on the farm, including: moving hundreds of hay bells, milking cows and transferring 5 gallon buckets of milk, plowing the corn field, etc. As he got older he found a new calling in life, and that was to be a personal trainer. He made this big career decision because he would find himself often bench pressing and squatting the hay bales, and curling the buckets of milk. Shortly after coming to this realization, Dustin began applying to colleges and soon got accepted to California State University, Long beach to major in kinesiology focusing in personal fitness. When he first moved to California it was a big culture shock for him, since he had never been to an actual gym, he had just lifted on the farm. This came to be not a big deal because he seemed to fit right in at the campus rec center. One of the most important things that happened to Dustin in his time at college was meeting Ranthony nogymeone in one of his general education classes. Ranthony was almost the complete opposite of Dustin because he wasn’t fit at all and in fact he looked just like a twig. The thing was that Ranthony had the same desire as Dustin to go to the gym but his parents didn’t allow because they wanted him to study to become a doctor. Ranthony’s story inspired Dustin to set his goal in life. Dustin’s goal was to open his own gym and give everyone he could the opportunity to live a happy healthy life. Shortly after setting this goal Dustin had failed one of his most important classes because he was partying too much. This made it seem like his goal was ruined and he would never be able to open his own gym. Dustin didn’t give up though, he was persistent and re-took the class and aced it because he was no longer going to parties. Instead he would study with Ranthony every night. A few years later Dustin graduated with high honors in front of his family who traveled all the way to California to watch him walk because he would be the first college graduate of the family. Things didn’t go as planned after graduating, he lost touch with Ranthony and worked at Buffalo Wild Wings as a server. 2 years later, still working at Buffalo Wild Wings, Dustin had an epiphany while sitting on his bed in his studio apartment. He thought to himself, “This isn’t what I’m supposed to be doing with my life, I was supposed to have my own gym, helping people become what they’ve always wanted.” He then fell into a great state of depression and almost drank himself to death. He was then rushed to the hospital after a neighbor found him unconscious. Dustin would wake up in the hospital the next day. And that’s when his life would forever change. When he woke up Ranthony was right there by his side because he was working as an intern while in Med School. Ranthony gave Dustin some words of encouragement, and let Dustin know that his parents still wouldn’t let him go to the gym. This angered Dustin and made him determined now to finally open his gym. When released from the hospital, Dustin went straight to the bank to take out a $500,000 loan and to receive a business license. The next day he bought an abandoned warehouse and started setting up his own gym. After a few months the gym was finally complete and looked great! He and Ranthony came up with the name “Bales to fail” referring to hay bales. The gym was beautiful, Dustin stuck with a farming theme as he had hay bales in one corner and a ton of kettle bells to simulate the farm work Dustin would do. Ranthony would become Dustin’s first client and he would often have to sneak out of his parents’ house to be able to get his training sessions in with Dustin. Not even 2 months later 7% of Long Beach’s population were clientele at Dustin’s gym. The farming theme proved to be successful and Dustin had finally achieved his ultimate goal of providing quality fitness to all people to live a happy healthy life.”

In my story I wanted Dustin to have to work hard to get to his ultimate goal and come out victorious through some tough challenges. It was really fun creating this fictional character because I felt really connected to him. He didn’t have a huge goal, it was quite practical but it was important for him to achieve it which was all he needed. Below are some pictures and status updates from Twitter and Instagram that you can see. The pictures I drew are from the important events that happened in Dustin’s life that helped him eventually reach his goal. Also pictured are some screen grabs of Ranthony’s character’s post since Dustin follows him.

Screenshot_2015-10-22-21-40-38 Screenshot_2015-10-22-21-42-13 Screenshot_2015-10-22-21-42-23 Screenshot_2015-10-22-21-42-33 Screenshot_2015-10-22-21-44-46 Screenshot_2015-10-22-21-44-55 Screenshot_2015-10-22-21-45-11 Screenshot_2015-10-22-21-45-21 Screenshot_2015-10-22-21-45-27 Screenshot_2015-10-22-21-45-31 Screenshot_2015-10-22-21-45-36

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