wk8 – Artist Conversation – Rhiannon Aarons


In this week’s artist conversation, I had the pleasure of meeting artist, Rhiannon Aarons. Rhiannon is in her second year as an MFA student, but when she was just 17 she started formal artist training as an undergraduate at Otis. In her past she has worked at a non-profit teaching establishment to teach the disabled how to paint. Her artwork has been inspired by many artists, but one in particular that she mentions is Dana Reyes. Rhiannon is also interested in anything that is obscure or weird.

The purpose of her piece this week is to represent Satan in the Garden of Eden, and how women can be seen as demonic. In creating her piece she took scans of anatomy books. In the other drawings she used what is called Heckatan (Hecate) which are 3 heads inspired from myths, and since they are myths she researched what they would look like. To do this, she was scratching through paper, then put the paper through the printing press which is the dry print. The other drawings we see are digital prints. Amazingly, All of her pieces together took a year to make, and shown in the pictures below are the Heckatan, and what she drew from the research she did.

20151015_111239 20151015_111233 20151015_111228

In Rhiannon’s artist statement, she explains how there has been a lot of confusion, untold truth, and lies about the anatomy of a woman. She states that the “anatomy books that originally perpetuated the misinformation dispelled by Chalker relied on illustrations that were printed using wood engraving; such as, the line quality created by this method becomes one of authority, of an invisible author with an alleged neutral hand.” Rhiannon later goes on to say in her statement, that Reed and Page from “Crate for Remains of a Mythical Creature”  were on opposite poles but at the end, both women are buried in the same cemetery, they are both reduced to the same earth.

20151015_111203 20151015_111215 20151015_111218

These digital print drawings that she made, represent how the female body is represented as demonic. Not the female personality, but the female anatomy. How the writers and the illustrators, depict the female body with the lines they use are representing women as these demonic creatures. She used these skeleton pieces because as mentioned earlier, she likes weird things. She wants us to figure out what she is trying to get across in her work.

I think that with her interesting, weird work Rhiannon attracted a lot of viewers, which is what she was trying to do. When looking at the work I did not see anything to me that looked like a demonic woman. To me, it looked as if she was doing a somewhat Halloween theme, with the skeletons, and the heads. I thought it was interesting how the skeletons looked similar but they were all very different. In conclusion, I don’t think her point got across to me but I believe other people had understood the point she was getting across, how the female anatomy is represented as demonic.

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