wk7 – Classmate Conversation – Devin Nelson

20151008_111403 (1)

This week I had the chance to meet a pretty cool classmate, and his name is Devin Nelson. Devin is 20 years old and he is currently is his third year here at California State University, Long Beach. Previously Devin was in Sports Management but he told me that the connections that he had in sports management told him it would take at least 8 years to be where he wanted to be, so he then switched majors to something he already knew a lot about. He is currently a double business major focusing on Operations Supply Chain, and Management. He already knows a lot about management because he previously worked somewhere where he was running shipping and making sure things met their deadlines. His dream after he graduates is to eventually run the Port of Long Beach. He wants to stay close to here because he grew up in Cypress and went to school there. In high school Devin played a lot of sports including football, basketball, and soccer. Eventually his heart would go towards lacrosse where he found his new favorite sport. Devin did want to go to school on the east coast to achieve his dreams of playing lacrosse. He even received a few offers from schools. That dream quickly came to an end because his dad’s company that was located in Ohio was bought out and out of state tuition was just too much for Devin. Devin didn’t quite give up lacrosse as he referees lacrosse and soccer during the school year. Devin doesn’t have much free time as he is taking 18 units, refereeing, and doing homework, but in the free time that he has, he likes to do anything outdoors, including: body boarding, wake boarding, and snowboarding in the winter. He has a very busy schedule but he is making time do an internship at some logistics company like target, and eventually the Port of Long Beach. In 5 years he hopes to find himself working at the port or some other logistics company. When asked what color he would die his hair Devin said he would probably do a bright grey.

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