wk6 – Classmate Conversation – Aron Chek


Everyone, I would like you all to meet my classmate Aron Chek. Aron is native to Long Beach but his roots take him back to Cambodia or technically, Laotian. Aron is in his second year here at CSULB and he is currently studying Film as you can tell in the picture by the giant camera wrapped around his shoulder. He was majoring in Mechanical Engineering last semester just like me, but he changed it to film because that is what he is more passionate about. He actually works for a photography company called “Heng it Up Photography”. While working for Heng it up, he mostly does weddings and birthday parties along side his boss who was his coach in high school. In his free time off of work and school, he likes to do martial arts but hasn’t been able to since he hurt his back a while back. He also likes to snowboard and has gone to Big Bear but also wants to try out Mammoth Mountain too. When I asked Aron what his favorite colors were and what they meant to him he said that they were black and blue because they are gloomy and dark and he is a negative person. It was really nice meeting Aron and if you all would like to know more about him, just give his website a visit or follow him on periscope @Aronchek.

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