wk6 – Artist Conversation – Sery Kwon

Hello everyone, in this week’s artist conversation I had the pleasure of meeting artist, Sery Kwon. Sery had 4 paintings on display for us all to enjoy. There was something about the paintings that caught my eye; her paintings all seemed to have like a road of some sort or just thick lines running through them. That is why I chose to choose her as my artist of the week because I was very interested in her work. Sery is a senior this semester at California State University, Long Beach. She has known she wanted to paint since middle school, and started actually painting how she paints her junior year in college. As it comes to my surprise she told us that her style is painting road map type of paintings of cities like Los Angeles and Dublin, like those pictured below.

20151001_111631 20151001_111641

She does this because she likes drawing squares like maps. She likes to put her experiences into the paintings and make them abstract, and she starts with the location. Currently, she bases all her paintings on these maps of cities, states, etc. She even makes some of them up and goes with the flow. She loves the idea of looking at things from an aerial view which makes me wonder how much better these paintings could be if she could paint them from a plane or helicopter from above. I think she should definitely try this out as it would be fun and a great opportunity to make some great art. A lot of these paintings she said are working with different shapes fitting into space, and for the audience to feel what she was feeling…lost in the map. To also show her point of view from when she went to these places she saw the cities in color. All four of her paintings took weeks to make and the one that took the longest is pictured above on the left, and the shortest one is shown to the right of that one.

She doesn’t use too many materials when creating her paintings. She often uses acrylic paint and rice paper, dyes paper strips and puts them on top of the canvas. Sometimes she also paints with a brush as well. Her favorite colors are coral and purple because they make her feel happy. When she starts her painting she picks her colors first then she draws in her shapes and fills in color after. Her favorite painter is Mark Bradford because she like how he works in very physical objects. After she graduates this year she would like to become an art teacher and implement her road type paintings and ideas into younger generations.

These paintings are pretty cool to me because they are all the same style but yet they are all so different from each other. She uses colors that go well together and you can actually see the cities in the paintings. In the painting of LA, I saw a lot of spinning and circles and I could totally relate with it because of the fast LA pace and everyone going fast in circles. I think Sery will do great as a teacher as she is very knowledgeable, and fun to talk to. Do not forget to visit her website, thank you all.

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