wk5 – Activity – Ethnography

This week may have been my biggest challenge yet this semester. Yesterday night, I had to go the whole night without a lick of electricity. Along with not using any electricity came many challenges. You would think that not being able to use my phone would be the biggest challenge of them all but it was actually the easiest. I cannot count how many times I stubbed my toe on a corner or how much I was sweating without my fan while I was sleeping. Sleeping without a fan was by far the hardest thing, due to the fact that my apartment has no A/C. I woke up continuously through the night hot and sweaty begging for my fan. As you can see in the picture below I sleep pretty close to my fan to keep me cool through the night so that I could cuddle in my blankets.


Showering in the dark was also challenging because it was scary. The whole time I felt like someone was behind me watching me… creepy. Although there were many challenges and moments I dreaded it, I did have a lot of fun. My roommate, who is also in this class helped me out by¬†choosing to do the ethnography the same night. For most of the night, we played Ping pong under the candle light. Even though it was very competitive and we were running every where, the candle made it feel relaxing, especially with it’s cinnamon apple scent.


After our epic ping pong battle we made some s’mores on the barbecue, which I wish I could’ve taken a picture of because they were perfect! The rest of the night was spent studying for midterms under the candle light of our bedrooms. Since my last midterm was today and I did this last night it was very difficult trying not to fall asleep early but I fell asleep early enough even though I was very uncomfortable. This was a great experience and I can definitely say the I appreciate what I have a lot more now.

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