Wk4 – Artist Conversation – Tidawhitney Lek, Daniel A. Rivera Echeverria


The title of the exposition I chose to learn about this week was called “Disposable Thoughts”. This wonderful piece was created and installed by Tidawhitney Lek and Daniel A. Rivera Echeverria. Although Daniel was not in attendance because he had class, I had the chance to talk to Tidawhitney. You may ask yourself looking at the pictures after that last sentence,”wonderful?” What could be so great about hanging up a quilt in a certain way in a giant room? That’s because it’s not a quilt, or a blanket, it is one hundred percent napkin! That;s right, thousands of napkins sewn together by hand by the artists. They actually thought up of the idea last spring towards the end of the semester because of their low budget for materials. From the first photo you can see a lot of markings on the napkins, and the second photo just shows one illustration. On every single napkin is a different story which I find very interesting and why I chose to interview this artist.

Tidawhitney and Daniel spent over 40 hours just sewing and creating the piece. It was made entirely out of napkins sewn together in that time span. All the materials used were a pen, plenty of napkins, and a sewing machine. Once they finished creating their work, it then took more than 35 hours to install it. The reason why it took this long was because with there being two of them, they argued plenty of times on how they wanted it to be displayed. Daniel wanted something that would feel welcoming and that’s why when you walk into the gallery it looks like a tunnel. It’s pretty clear that Daniel won that argument, but the other main argument was about whether they should use fishing line to hold the napkin up or something else. I’m not sure why this was such a big argument since the fishing line looked great.

On these thousands of napkins contain doodles, sketches, and writing ranging from a variety of things. Tidawhitney said that the napkins are all like her “diary” because she put all of her emotions onto the napkins and she is even embarrassed about some of the stuff that she wrote onto the napkins. The purpose that the artists the piece to be for us to have something to attract our minds to be released of everything. Tidawhitney said she decided to dump everything that she could think of onto the napkins because napkins are trash anyway and “there was no appreciation for the napkin, i just wrote stuff”.

I think the most interesting thing about this piece is that it will never be the same piece. It will never look the same, feel the same, or be displayed the same way again. She can set it up however she wants the next time it is displayed and every time after that. I think that the artist’s achieved what they wanted to, to me because in the title alone “Disposable Thoughts” they just dumped all of their thoughts and emotions onto the napkins which are trash anyway. I could feel the emotion on the napkins, what they were feeling and I felt relieved reading them. This was a great piece of art to look at to release my mind and relax as all the bad was disposed. Thank you all for reading my post and do not forget to check out their instagram pages linked through their names in the first paragraph!

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