Wk3 – Activity – Social Photography

Hello everyone, and welcome back. Today’s activity was all on Instagram! For this activity we were given the chance to express ourselves freely on social media by posting 4 or more pictures throughout the day. I don’t post much on social media but I found that it was quite fun posting these pictures. My first picture started off at the beginning of my day. The picture (shown below) includes me eating a bowl of mini wheat’s after I had eaten my eggs. I posted this picture because the way I eat is important to me, because I am a bit of a health nut now. Always eat your wheaties

My next picture was taken on my way to class. It is a part of my every day routine but I decided to take it upon myself on making my own giant selfie, just like our class is doing today. It is a picture of me on the bus going to school. The bus was packed and i was hanging on to the pole crammed trying not to cross the yellow caution line. Like I said, it was packed, smelly, and just terrible but I decided to smile about it and even got one photo bomber.

beats walkin'

After my first 2 of 3 classes of the day I get a break to workout at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center. I decided to take a picture here because I just accomplished a personal record by lifting 275 lbs. on the bench press.

Do you even lift bro?

You know how I said I was a bit of a health nut? Well I saved enough room in my diet to enjoy a nice 12″ pizza with a cinnamon bun from Krispy Kreme. The diet I am on is a macro-nutrient diet. I can eat anything I want but I have to stay within my certain calorie range, and total grams of fat. I saved up just enough room to enjoy some of this delicious pizza from Deli News.


This concludes my Instagram day and I hope you all had as much fun reading this as I did writing it!

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