Wk2 – Activity – Plaster Casting

'L' for Love! -Dodgeball
‘L’ for Love!

Today’s adventure was all about plaster casting! To be completely honest, I did not want to do this project. I didn’t want to do it just because I thought it would take up too much time. I have homework in other classes I need to do, I have work, and many other things that are making me stressed. After finishing the project I was very glad to find my self relieved of so much stress and I just felt good because I went out in the water and had fun with my roommate, Anthony who is also in this class (where you can find him at http://www.anthonylsimeone.wordpress.com). The fun started when we were trying to decide what kind of imprint we wanted to put in the sand to make the best casting. We ended up doing two imprints each. In which he made a peace sign and just a normal hand print and I made an ‘L’ and also a normal hand print. After we poured the plaster into the imprints, we were a little worried about the tide coming in too high and getting the plaster wet so we made a trench with two calls on the front and backside of the trench to act as barriers to protect the plaster. While we waited for the plaster to dry we went out in the water to go body surfing. Not even a minute into swimming, a seal was swimming just 10 feet from us! This kind of scared me since that’s a shark’s favorite meal. Sadly though the waves weren’t as big as we hoped so we threw the football around the rest of the time making diving catches into the water. I left the beach with a much greater appreciation for Art because it had such a positive effect on me and now I feel great! Thank you all for visiting my post. Cheers!

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